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Sewer Peg-Outs are necessary when it comes to securing sewer and water infrastructure, which are generally considered as being assets of Sydney Water. In the event that you are looking at performing a development, whether it be domestic, commercial or industrial, it is likely that you will require a sewer peg-out before going ahead with the project. Plans must be submitted by a Water Services Coordinator, and must be approved by Sydney Water.


A sewer peg-out is the process of physically locating existing sewer and water infrastructure on any cadastral lot. To do this, our professional plumbers will arrive on site, completely equipped with everything that we need to be able to locate sewer pipes lying within the lot in question. We utilize the latest and most innovative in sewer and water pipe location technology to locate the pipes without having to excavate. Once we have accurately located the pipe, we take a series of measurements and peg out the location of plumbing infrastructure along the ground surface. We are then able to provide you with a plan detailing the location of the piping relative to the marks which we have placed. All information which we conveyis in accordance with standards set out by Sydney Water.
Strathfield Plumbing is registered to be able to provide Section 73 Compliance certification, necessary to facilitate a development. Sydney Water ensure that all land developments comply with standards relating to water quality and drainage infrastructure. Where a development can potentially impact on Sydney Waters’ systems, a Section 73 Compliance Certificate may be required.

Our experienced plumbers are licensed and certified by Sydney Water and the NSW Government to carry out sewer peg-outs. For further information about the sewer peg-out services which we provide, or to find out more about Section 73 Complaince Certificates, get in touch with Strathfield Plumbing today. We have extensive experience performing sewer peg-outs, and are at the ready to pass on the benefit of this experience on to you. Give us a call on 0410 441 441.

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