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Sewer Peg-Outs are necessary when it comes to securing sewer and water infrastructure, which are generally considered as being assets of Sydney Water. In the event that you are looking at performing a development, whether it be domestic, commercial or industrial, it is likely that you will […]

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At Strathfield Plumbing, we provide sewer sideline installation services. We are able to construct sewer sidelines in order to connect Sydney Water sewer main lines to a property. When you are considering the addition of plumbing services to your property and require sidelines to expand your plumbing […]

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At Strathfield Plumbing, we have 30 years of experience in the plumbing industry, and in that time, we have dealt with a great number of water main problems, to varying degrees of difficulty. Often a problem may be as simple as a leak, but in other cases […]

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During the process of performing renovations, extensions or erections, there is a lot to consider in terms of compliance with Sydney Water where your plumbing infrastructure is concerned. After all water and sewer infrastructure on the site in question has been located in accordance with a sewer […]

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If you are subdividing a property, or installing plumbing systems in addition to existing plumbing on your property, then you may require a sewer diversion. Sewer diversion is a process by which we can change the distribution of the water supplied from the main throughout your premises, […]

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