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Hot Water Efficiency

The cost of energy is something which we are all concerned about, and when it comes to your hot water system, extra attention should be paid. A typical electric hot water system can account for up to 25% of your quarterly energy bill! It may sound daunting, but there are actually a simple ways that you can strat saving now! Here are a few handy tips from Strathfield Plumbing to show you how;

- Insulate all pipes that carry hot water from your hot water system to reduce heat loss and increase efficiency. Also insulate your hot water system to reduce heat loss through the tank itself, by doing something as simple as wrapping it in a blanket.

- It may sound obvious, but is important nonetheless to keep a rough track of the amount of hot water used in your family in a day, and look at doing things like taking shorter showers to reduce your consumption in general.

- Leaks in the home, such as a leaking hot water system, tap or showerhead, are costing you more and more the longer they go untreated. So upon detecting a leak, take action.

- Take a step back and decide whether your particular type and capacity of hot water system are suitable for your needs. If you do not use as much hot water, you are wasting energy to heat a greater volume than you require, and you may not necessarily need a constant supply.

A few simple tricks can save you significantlly in the long run. For any further information about hot water efficiency, get in touch with Strathfield Plumbing today!

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